Never Suffer From Story Timeline Confusion Again!

A quick post today I’m afraid, but with the link to a fabulous resource!

Courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos

Those of you who read the Womag blog would have seen this, but for those of you who don’t…..

Wendy Clark has a very clever husband! He has designed a Story Timeline template for other writers to use (and share, on condition she is credited).

Follow the link above to download, and if you’re going to share please credit Wendy (or rather, Mr Wendy) with a link.

Have fun! I’ve downloaded mine already, and boy, is it gunna come in handy!

A newer version is now available with extra features. Find the details here : Story Timeline

15 thoughts on “Never Suffer From Story Timeline Confusion Again!

  1. Thanks, Vikki, that’s useful. When I was writing my NaNo novel I quickly realised I’d have to draw a family tree of my main characters to stop me from getting confused. It worked! In fact a family tree is something I often wish authors would include at the start of their books.


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