Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

Sincere apologies that I haven’t responded to your lovely comments this week. I gave up smoking on Monday so I’ve been avoiding the iPad (iPad = cup of tea and a cigarette) and just trying to occupy myself by changing my routine. So I’ve been keeping myself busy with writing, reading and magazine flicking. Normal business will resume shortly, I promise.

The title of this blog post is the first line from John Keats To Autumn poem, and will probably give you a hint to my response to the 7th prompt in the 30 Day Writing Challenge

What is your favourite season? Use vivid details and even include memories you have of that season.

My favourite season is autumn. When there is still the warmth in the air from summer, but the leaves are beginning to brown on the trees. That period between late August and mid October, when the children go back to school and you can holiday in Europe a little more peacefully.

As a child it was my favourite time to climb the apple trees in my back garden because their leaves had started to fall and I could see out into other peoples gardens from high up on my perch.

I recently wrote a piece on my other blog for The Book Of Me, which took me back to my childhood and memories of my pram lol

Tales Of Happy

What’s your favourite season and why?


32 thoughts on “Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

  1. When I lived in a part of the country that had four seasons I loved autumn best. I loved the excitement of going back to school, harvest time and the promise of Holidays. Now that I live in Florida, where the world is perpetually green, I love wintertime for the nice weather. My snowbird friends are all here visiting. We don’t have to run the air conditioning or the heat. (And I can still run around in my flip flops.)


  2. Oh yeah! Good luck with the no smoke challenge. I keep quitting, but everytime I do I gain 30 kilos. Then, I can only lose 15….I have done it now so many times that I am too fat to try again…LOL


  3. Well done Vikki. I haven’t been able to give up for more than 5 minutes let alone 5 days. My brother has been ‘clean’ for a year now but is addicted to the nicotine mints he started sucking to give up. He’s down to a pack a day. xxx Hugs Galore xxx


  4. Good luck! It sounds like a good idea to mix up the routines you associate with smoking. I gave up after my pregnancy test was positive 12 years ago.


    • Thanks Rachel 🙂

      The trouble is, i do have to go back to those old routines (like now where im sitting in front of the laptop answering blog comments and feeling a bit bereft lol)… steps i think 😉



  5. Seasons and memories mingle in the mind. My first love at 16 was in springtime. Even now the blackbird’s evening song in April pulls at my heart. Fallen apples in autumn remind me of walks in lanes past orchards and my brothers scrumping in forbidden lands. Lots more associations triggered by the changing seasons raise different emotions and take me back in time. Thanks for this Vikki X


  6. Congrats on being smoke free. What a great accomplishment!

    I quit a number of times before it finally took, and the first week was always the hardest. Heck, the first day. But you’re past that. Now the only thing a cigarette will do for you is make you want another one. I’m twelve years and counting. Best of luck!


    • Thanks for the prompt Chrys 🙂

      Im sorry im dragging the challenge out (rather than do the straight 30 days) but i have DONE all the prompts (in my notebook). Im going to get the rest all typed up and posted in November 🙂



  7. Yay! Good on you for joining the ranks of the jittery smokeless 😉 It gets better. Especially with the habit-changing. You’ll find that you have a lot more time than you thought you did. I’m in your corner (from half-way ’round the world). Go Vikki!


    • He he he, and how are you doing honey? Im a week behind with reading blogs 😦 Have you found your head felt a bit fuzzled? lol

      Thanks honey and you go too! We’ll get there 🙂



  8. Well done on the stopping smoking – and just to balance out all the horror stories, my mother in law gave up with no issues and both my parents gave up during extended hospital stays, in my father’s case because of the smoking in the first place. As for all this still craving business – I was never a heavy smoker, just the occasional one or two, but I still feel cravings at times – I put it down to the association between my parents both being heavy smokers and being grown up, and I just always saw it as a mark of having “made it”, so to speak.
    If you’re looking for distractions, how about a writing session in a cafe by the sea (indoors in the warm!)?


  9. This has been my favourite poem since we read and illustrated the first verse when I was in the top juniors at school. It encapsulates everything I love about the season 🙂


  10. Summer is my favourite season: when it’s a proper summer, that is. I love brightly-coloured herbaceous borders; meadows full of flowers; rich green woodlands; hot sun; eating my meals out of doors; great crashing thunderstorms; the extra loud dawn chorus; the sound of the cuckoo; and wearing my summer clothes.


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