Coming Out Of My Cave

It’s been a weird week. No, perhaps not weird as such, more like hard lol. It’s been a week today since I gave up smoking. Something I’d never thought I’d be able to do. I went from 40 (2 packets) a day down to 5 a day last month and then on the 1st of October nuffin, zilch, zero. I had my last cigarette last Monday night πŸ™‚

I’ve been using a nicotine inhaler, and to be honest, it’s only down to using it that the family are all still alive lol. So I’ve managed to fend off the nicotine cravings, but dealing with the pure “want” of a cigarette, to not smell that smoke, to not have it between my fingers when I type or write has been torturous 😦

Curtesy of Grant Cochrane at freedigitalphotos

So you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been online much this week, and haven’t answered your blog comments, read other blogs or responded to e mails. I’m even behind with the Scrivener class. I’ve been trying to change my routine, trying to avoid situations where a cigarette was part of the process…but I know I can’t avoid those things for ever. I’m sitting in bed writing this blog post because I couldn’t face writing it at my dining room table. I don’t usually blog in bed, and I can’t see me doing it again…I’ve got back ache lol

So my plans for this week are to emerge from my metaphorical cave/duvet and get back on track. I’m hoping that if I convince myself that 1 week is a turning point, where I’ve proven I don’t need my cigarettes, then I can get back into my usual routine, which will involve catching up with a lot of stuff this week.

On a lighter note, I met up with my fellow Nano ML’s on Saturday and we planned all the write ins for our area. Wow, November is gunna be busy πŸ™‚

What are your writing plans for the week?

36 thoughts on “Coming Out Of My Cave

  1. Congratulations on quitting smoking. It’s hard, but you can do it and you will be so much better off without it. I lost my grandpa to lung cancer and my husband has COPD, both were always heavy smokers. Hope your writing goes well this week. I’m working on a couple of memoir pieces and trying to get some stuff polished up so I can send out. πŸ™‚


  2. that’s the way to give up smoking – change routines. But when you get back on the computer again… so to put something in your hands try carrot sticks or something When I fly I nibble on licorice bits that give me something to shove in my mouth and also help with cravings


  3. Yo’re doing amazingly well Vikki. I’m sure it’s been hard, but having now passed the stage where you could be arrested for murder it should start to get easier.It better had because you never said pert of the price for giving up smoking was that we’d be the ones to feel your absence.
    xxx Huge Congratulatory Hugs xxx


    • Awwwww, thanks David πŸ™‚

      No, i think im back! Been sat here this morning for about an hour and actually, its not been as bad as i thought. Brain still feels a little fuzzled, but i think im getting there πŸ™‚



  4. Congratulations. Finding ways, now, to keep your hands otherwise busy will be helpful. I wish you the best of luck with NaNoWriMo, and your Scrivener. I hit the wall with Scrivener and got behind when we got to the section on Compile. The language and terms are unfamiliar to me, so it is taking more time for me to progress. I am getting there slowly and very grateful that Gwen is giving us this two weeks to catch up and ask questions. this has been the best course ever. Without it…that software could have sat in my computer untouched for …well, who knows how long. Again, thanks for getting me connected.


    • Thanks honey πŸ™‚

      Oh, yes, I’ve been exactly the same. The compile stuff (especially formatting) has really gone over the top of my head, but, I thought that was just me! Lol…glad to hear it’s not.

      I agree, it’s been a brilliant course, I’m so glad I did it πŸ™‚

      You’re very welcome!



  5. Congrats on quitting! I am on day 68. Have you heard of Alan Carrs easyway to quit smoking? After reading his book I quit and hour later in the middle of the day and have had no cravings or withdrawal symptoms (not even once). Might be worth checking out if your missing the act of smoking? since reading his book I cannot even make myself want one! His technique dispels the two lies regarding smoking. One that its difficult and two it requires will power. Good luck and stay focussed. Peace


    • Thanks honey, and well done to you!

      I’m embarrassed to say that I have that book lol….it was sat on my bookshelf for a couple of years before I finally packed it away in a box for storage back in June…whoops! πŸ˜‰



  6. Congratulations on getting so far with kicking cigarettes to the curb. My husband quit earlier this year, so I know how tough it is to do. Stay strong and don’t give in to temptation. πŸ™‚


  7. As much as I’m skeeved out (American lingo alert! Psst! It means “grossed out”) by the thought of someone missing the smell of cigarettes on their fingers, I’m proud of you and I wish I could give you hugs and chocolate. Xoxo


  8. There are so many private battles going on which most never see. Thank you for sharing yours. Sending love and encouragement your way for carrying on!


  9. This is amazing! Keep it up. They say with cutting out sugar, the first month is the hardest, the rest gets easier after that.


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