B Is For…

Still on a high from yesterday, today’s snippet** is the first thing that popped into my head lol

photo-16 copy

My B entry for the A-Z Challenge is…well, let’s see if you can guess the word 😉

Salvatore Vuono @ FreeDigitalPhotos

…..If you want to read the story that appeared here you’ll find it in a recently published anthology of Mermaid Tales 🙂
**All fiction that appears on this blog during April has been written LIVE and is in first draft form. No editing (apologies, my grammar is appalling lol), spell checks (unless WordPress has come up with an error), research or rewrites have been done.



My random word for today was “Bird” 😉


34 thoughts on “B Is For…

    • Thanks David 🙂 As a mum to a 26 year old who still lives at home I’m PRAYING this won’t be me in 9 years time, but then again, the Frank part is rather appealing 😉 x


  1. Clever girl Vikki. My guess at the B word is unprintable, But it’s Based on the assumption there’s no dad aBout and surely only a single Mum would Be so guilty she would put up with that for 35 years! SueX


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