C Is For…

It’s day 3 of the A-Z Challenge which means it’s “C” day πŸ™‚





I did my random word generating over a week ago now, and believe it or not I can’t remember the words I was given that are written in my notebook. Yesterday afternoon I looked at what word I’d been given for C and I slumped lol. A and B were inspiring, C wasnt. So yesterday evening I Googled the word….and there it was, staring me in the face…inspiration lol…let’s hope I don’t get done for treason πŸ˜‰


“Good morning cabbage.”
Elizabeth looked up over her newspaper to see Philip striding across the drawing room. He bent down, kissed her on the cheek then stepped back to look her up and down.
“You’re not dressed…I mean not properly dressed.”
“I know.” Elizabeth sighed.
Philip frowned, sat down on a footstool by her side and took her hand.
“Didnt one go through this last year?”
Elizabeth nodded.
“And didn’t one say that one would just grit ones teeth, smile, occasionally, and look forward to the the wonderful lunch afterwards?”
“One did.” Elizabeth smiled and raised her husbands hand to her lips. “Thank you. What would I do without you?”
Philip stood, placing a hand on his back. At 92, it wasn’t often he was required to sit on footstools. “Come on old girl, let’s get a wiggle on.”

Elizabeth stood in front of the mirror. A tired wrinkled face she didn’t recognise stared blankly back. “Eighty seven.” She shook her head. Where had those years gone?

Photo from the Daily Express

In the ornate carriage during the Trooping Parade Philip squeezed her hand. “Is one feeling better now Lillibet?” He asked.
“Oh much!” Elizabeth’s eyes lit up and for a moment Philip saw a flicker of the beautiful 21 year old he’d married. “I know what’s for lunch.”


I have to say, it would only be the thought of the wonderful meals they must serve at the palace that would getΒ meΒ through Trooping The Colour πŸ˜‰

**All fiction that appears on this blog during April has been written LIVE and is in first draft form. No editing (apologies, my grammar is appalling lol), spell checks (unless WordPress has come up with an error), research or rewrites have been done.


17 thoughts on “C Is For…

  1. Ha, Cabbages and Kings, in this case Queen. Bet that’s just how they talk when alone. You have the knack of putting us right inside your characters in a few lines, Queens and commoners alike. Well done again Vikki.


  2. Great writing Vikki but I’m hoping it’s not a premonition. Her Maj needs to retire and give Charles a chance before the Crown goes to William. Both she and Price Philip deserve a rest.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • Thanks Pauline πŸ™‚ I wanted it to be longer, i wanter to talk about that “ghastly woman Camilla” *sniggers* but i really needed to be somewhere this morning as The Hubster had taken the day off. Mental note…when he’s around i need to get up earlier to do my prompt πŸ˜‰ xx


  3. Hi Vikki and welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Nice piece of flash fiction. Who knew one could write about cabbage. No that’s talent.


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