E Is For…

My random word for todays E post of the A-Z Challenge is…..



…..If you want to read the story that appeared here you’ll find it in a recently published anthology of Mermaid Tales 🙂

**All fiction that appears on this blog during April has been written LIVE and is in first draft form. No editing (apologies, my grammar is appalling lol), spell checks (unless WordPress has come up with an error), research or rewrites have been done.


22 thoughts on “E Is For…

  1. I hope Edward gets his puppy. A new dad might not come up to scratch if his real dad was a hero. Be careful what you wish for Edward.
    Another challenge expertly achieved. Well done, Vikki!
    love Sue X


  2. You had me at little Edward’s first line. 🙂 Such a sweet kid in such a sad state–this could be the beginning of a novel, Vikki! You have a knack for finding conflict in your characters’ lives.


  3. A child’s POV is difficult to do because who can remember what their own thoughts were like as a child? This story was believable though and touching. I think you captured the innocence of a child in a refreshing way.


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