F Is For…

Well, i enjoyed my day off yesterday from the challenge, treated myself to a new bag and some mini doughnuts to celebrate completing week one πŸ˜‰

Ive been visiting 10 blogs per day over at the challenge list (I’m visiting blogs tagged WR to start with) and have found some great new bloggers to follow (oh dear lol). Don’t you justΒ loveΒ April πŸ™‚

Soooo my random word for F in the A-Z Challenge is…



Pete hauled himself onto the ledge and secured himself to the rock face. Sweat dripped from his brow as he removed his back pack and jacket. He lent back against the cold rock, trying to catch his breath. This had been his most challenging and dangerous expedition, but it was worth it. Just inches above him was the Golden Eagles nest.

He took a large gulp from his water bottle and pulled himself up so that he could see inside the nest. And there they were, two perfect eggs, almond and mottled brown. “Beautiful!” He whispered.

His fellow egg collectors had said he was mad, having rock climbing lessons for 4 months, but wouldn’t they be jealous when they saw his recent haul. He had to take both, he could sell one, recoup some of the money the lessons had cost him.

Taking out 2 padded envelopes from his rucksack he gently picked up one of the eggs. It felt warm and heavy in his hand. Sliding it carefully into the bag he checked the sky. There was no way he wanted to deal with an angry mother Eagle.

Gualberto107 @ FreeDigitalPhotos

It was Pete’s mother who first realised she hadn’t heard from him in days, his online egg collecting friends presumed he’d wimped out of his promised adventure. She sent his father round to his flat, but it was empty, it looked like Pete had gone away. They reported him missing, but it was several months before his body was found by rock climbers. The police concluded that Pete had been attacked by a Golden Eagle and that with a broken ankle and wrist he’d died of starvation on a ledge beneath the watchful eye of the bird.



He he he…serves him right!

**All fiction that appears on this blog during April has been written LIVE and is in first draft form. No editing (apologies, my grammar is appalling lol), spell checks (unless WordPress has come up with an error), research or rewrites have been done.


20 thoughts on “F Is For…

    • Its awful to think what goes on Pauline, its very cruel what these people do. I read an article a few weeks ago where a bloke was put in prison for doing it. They found over 700 rare birds eggs in his home, some of them with large holes in, which meant he’d had to remove and kill chicks *shudders* Disgusting! 😦 xx


  1. Made me wonder who buys eagle eggs? Are they hatching them in captivity? Interesting idea!
    I have to be honest; the A to Z Challenge list is overwhelming. I can’t even find my OWN blog on it, much less the next five in line. I’ve been just grabbing random interesting blogs. πŸ™‚


    • There are dealers and collectors all over the world Kirsten. They make a hole in the egg, get the ‘stuff out’ and sit the egg in a case for display. Some of the rare ones go for thousands. The thing is, they will even remove a kill a chick thats just about to hatch to get the egg in their display 😦 AWFUL!

      Ha ha ha, i had trouble finding my own blog too…and i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it keeps changing…daily! lol….after I’ve worked my way through the WR’s i’ll go on to all the bloggers i know, then all the bloggers who have commented on my blog…that should keep me busy for a while lol xx


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