H Is For…

Sorry I’m a bit late with this post, I’m currently writing this from a desk in the library of the RSA in Central London. A good enough excuse don’t you think? 😉

Anyway, today’s letter in the A-Z Challenge is H…

and my random word is Home…

Over the gate and across the field I run. The sheep look at me like I’m an alien invading their planet. Past Mrs Taylor’s ivy covered cottage and the grumpy old man at number 4. Round the corner past the post box that smells of dogs wee and past the church yard where yesterday Mr Taylor was buried. I stop to admire the flowers that have been placed over the mound of earth. It’s sad when they begin to wilt.

Up Pepper Hill past the school where Tommy goes and round the war memorial. There are still a few wreaths left from November. Up past the newsagents where the ferocious Yorkshire Terrier lives, he yaps as I pass. Down the lane where the big oak tree showers the road with acorns every year and along the alley that runs the length of the back gardens in Hazel Close.

I climb over the fence and jump down on the pile of bricks that Dad placed there 2 years ago when he promised Mum he’d build a Barbecue. Up the pathway between the fragrant daffodils I dive head first through the cat flap to a waiting bowl of Whiskers.

“There you are Tiddles! Where have you been?”

My cat Tigzz…taken this morning when he was on my bed watching me blow dry my hair.

I’d love to be a cat 🙂

17 thoughts on “H Is For…

    • Thanks Nina 🙂 My 2 cats are indoor cats (ones a pedigree and the other, in the photo, has had his hp removed so can’t jump) but I’m sure if Tigzz could go out, he’d be wandering around everywhere 🙂

      I really enjoyed writing this and its definitely one i’ll go back to at a later date and make longer xx


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