G Is For…

Good morning! Im trying to be enthusiastic this morning but the word i was given for “G” has been hard work. Its a word that has several meanings, which kinda makes it more difficult (for me anyway). So heres my G entry for the A-Z Challenge


My word for today is Grate…

“Oh for Lords sake George! How many times have I told you not to leave your tools on the dining room table what if one of the children came in and picked up that hammer and not to mention what it’s doing to my mahogany you just never listen to me George!”

It wasn’t long after they married that George realised the petite, attractive blonde he’d met had turned into a nagging banshee who was prone to screaming at him in the supermarket.

“Oh George, really? You expect me to eat own brand beans? No no no, put them back, NOW!

He’d stopped going to his local pub, to meet the boys on a Friday night. He could no longer stand Marjorie’s moaning when he got home, mainly because he’d woken her up and she’d smudged her nightly face pack. But it was the ridicule he was subjected to by his oldest friends that he found upsetting. The constant jeers about being “hen pecked” and “under the thumb” even if it was all true.

Looking back, George felt an overwhelming sense of guilt that he’d actually considered killing Marjorie. It was during a game of footie on TV. He’d told her he wanted to watch it, explained how he’d rather stay home than go to the pub to see it. She had moaned and bitched, whined and scorned about everyone and everything as she sat next to him on the sofa, the whole way through the first half. George had found himself fantasising about putting his hands around her neck and squeezing tightly.

As he knelt by the grave and placed the ruby roses into the vase embedded in the marble a small tear ran down one cheek. After 42 years of marriage George finally had the peace he craved. But now, he would give anything to have Marjorie back by his side.

scottchan @ Freedigitalphotos

Awwwww….poor George 😦


21 thoughts on “G Is For…

  1. Poor George, I’m amazed he put up with her for 42 years. Women beware! There are a lot of Georges out there.
    Another cracker for your ‘A to Z challenge, well done again Vikki.
    love Sue X


  2. Poor George…in the end it’s always like this. When we love someone, we ironically miss these bits more than the rest. How I wish i could hear my dad complaining all the time again…. 😦

    PS. I noticed that we inserted both the word banshee in the ‘G’ post today! Isn’t that funny?!


  3. Lots of story there, Vikki. Makes me stop and think about how I am behaving, which means its a good little vignette. Can’t help feeling bad for George. Enjoy. Maria from “http://delightdirectedliving.blogspot.com/”


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