Y Is For…

Good morning, or afternoon 🙂 Im a little late today…not feeling too great…have my reflux problem back so its back to the Quacks for me today *sighs* Plus I’m taking The Hubster to the dentist (I’m sitting in a dentist waiting room as I type!). Its all go here you know 😉

Today is Y day on the A-Z Challenge, so you know what that means…one more day and we’re done…awwwww…before you know it its all over 😦


My random word generator gave me the word Yarn for today and as soon as I saw the word I knew exactly what I was gunna write about…

“Over here!”
I made my way over to where Alex was perched, waving on one of those plastic orange seats like we had at school. Placing my bag on the chair I took off my coat.
“I can’t believe how busy it is!” I searched the room for someone I recognised, praying that I wouldn’t lock eyes with a neighbour.
“Told ya.” Alex smiled.
I took out my knitting, half of a primrose yellow jumper.
“Ooooo, that’s a lovely shade.” Alex reached over and stroked the sleeve that I was working on. “Shall I get us some coffee’s?”
I nodded and watched Alex walk across the room to a table set out for refreshments. There appeared to be piles of cup cakes.
Grinning like a 5 year old Alex returned with a tray of coffee and a selection of bright pink cakes. “I thought I’d get us some cake. You have to have cake at Stitch and Bitch, it’s compulsory.”

Apolonia @ FreeDigitalPhotos

After I’d whiped the last piece of strawberry flavoured icing from my chin we began. Alex was far quicker with the needles than I was, working on a cashmere twin set in a gorgeous shade of lilac. Needles clattered all around me and occasionally, a hoot of laughter. The 2 hour session went so quick. I was shocked when a woman called out that it was time to pack up.

Outside in the car park I shook Alex’s hand. “Nice one Alex, I really enjoyed that. Thanks for inviting me.”
“That’s ok Dave.” Alex zipped up his motorbike jacket.
As I got in my car I called “See you at Rugby on Saturday!”

He he he 😉

14 thoughts on “Y Is For…

  1. I have to comment today When I saw the name Alex I wondered and you did give a clue with hoping not to see anyone they knew — big grin at the end — lots of guys are taking up knitting and crocheting lol Let me know if you saw this –thanks for the giggle


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