X Is For…

Good morning! Today is X day on the A-Z Challenge! I enjoyed my day off yesterday, but I’ve got so used to doing this daily it felt as though there was something missing lol

You really won’t believe the word the random generator gave me for X…

photo-16 copy

XL….. I mean honestly! 😉

“If you eat all that cake Jenny, you’ll go pop!
That was Grans favourite saying as she sat watching Jenny shovel mouthfuls of Lemon Drizzle Cake into her oversized mouth.

There had been nothing unusual about Jenny when she was born. Average weight, average height, although everyone commented on the size of her mouth. But then there was that incident where she fell into the chocolate cake when she was two, and since then, her appetite had been insatiable.

“This is all your fault Mum!” Jennys Mother was convinced her own Mother was an enabler. “I can’t cope anymore, you’ll have to take her.”

So at the age of six Jenny found herself living with her Gran. A woman who constantly won “Best Cake” at the towns fete. Jenny wasn’t complaining.

Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Fudge, Carrot Cake, Battenberg’s, Cheesecake’s…Jenny consumed each with passion, and dollops of cream. So fast, that Gran struggled to keep up. It seemed she spent every moment of her day baking. She didn’t mind, she liked to see her food appreciated.

It was no surprise to anyone that by the age of 15 Jenny was as big as a small car. Her mother had long since forgotten about her daughter and was now sunning herself in Mexico with new boyfriend Manuel.

Then Gran got sick and was taken to hospital. At 18 Jenny was left to fend for herself. Her Mother was contacted, she said she’d be back soon. But it was several weeks before she drove her car up onto her Mothers drive and rang the door bell. There was no response.

She went round to the back of the house and found the back door slightly ajar. Entering through the dining room the first thing she noticed was the bite marks in the table and chairs. In the living room there was no sofa and in the kitchen, the twisted metal remains of the fridge.

Jennys Mum tentatively crept up the stairs noticing that the banisters had disappeared. At the top of the stairs she paused to listen. The house was silent. Clutching Jenny’s bedroom door knob she twisted it and slowly, the door opened.

There was no sign of Jenny, and no sign of her bed. But in the corner of the room on the floor was the outline of a large figure, and Jenny’s favourite dress that Gran had fashioned from two quilt covers. Jenny’s Mum screamed as she realised the walls were covered in pieces of her daughter…


Oh dear, I’m sorry, I’ve gone over to the dark side again lol. Yes, Jenny did indeed go POP bless her. Im thinking that at a later date i could probably turn this into a much longer piece…hmmmm…

But I must stop eating cake! 😉

8 thoughts on “X Is For…

  1. Are you sure you weren’t destined to become the new Stephen King ( not that there’s anything wrong with the old one). Your drift to the Dark Side is becoming so much they’ll be charging you rent soon.
    xxx Huge Hugs Vikki xxx


    • Ha ha ha…ive got to admit David, i prefer writing the dark stuff than anything else…i don’t normally DO happy endings thats for sure 😉

      The next Stephen King? Wow, theres no way i could even begin to imagine being in his league!

      Thanks honey xx


  2. Sorry I’m a day late, but Jenny was apparently way bigger than XL and, had we been there to see it, it was probably more a big bang than a pop! Poor Jenny indeed.
    love Sue X


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