Dear Muse…..

Dear Muse,

Please identify yourself!

I don’t think you’re being entirely fair. Ive kept my side of the deal, i write every day (well, ok, nearly), and have done on and off for several years now. Im not sure if i should be thanking you for that or just congratulating myself on my own powers of determination.

I get so jealous when i hear other writers talk about their “muses”. Some are real people who inspire them to write (*thinks*…nope, i don’t have one of those). Others talk about an imaginary entity, fairies, animals or a spiritual being (*thinks*…nope, i don’t see you as that either). Some see their muse as being part of themselves, a part that pushes them on in the right direction with an encouraging, supportive hand (*laughs* yeah, right, theres nothing pushing me on!).

So why are you so elusive?

Ive spent the last 4 years writing…short stories, novels, scenes, characterisations, but no idea, so far, has had that “wow factor”. Nothing has gripped me so tightly that i don’t want to let go of it. Can i say to myself, oh, well, thats because i don’t have a muse? Are all my ideas destined to be boring without your guidance?









So please muse, if you’re reading this i could really do with a helping hand. A flash of inspirational brilliance, just one (I’m not greedy) would be so welcome right now. Something along the lines of Harry Potter, or The Hunger Games would be good. Thats not asking too much is it? 😉

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Vikki x


Do you have a “Muse”? Would love to hear about him/her/it 🙂



16 thoughts on “Dear Muse…..

  1. Stephen King has this whole thing about his muse, but I can’t remember it exactly off the top of my head. For me I just write. I know that might sound cliched but I believe some of my best writing has come when I’ve not been in the mood to write and I force myself to get the words written. Please don’t discount the possibility also, that your writing has every chance of being intriguing, we see what we write in a different way to how people will read it. X


  2. I agree with Peter. The fact that you write publicly most days and your ideas are fresh and varied proves someone is pushing you along. The wow factor is a myth the muse is not.
    love Sue X

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  3. If only I could tell you how my muse came about, but all I can say is that as I started writing regularly, facing down the blank page whether I felt like it or not, ‘he’ was just there. Sure, I fleshed him out, and it’s great fun to play with the idea of a muse, just like it’s fun to play with characters in my stories, but I never consciously set out to make him feel real.
    Some writers do just great without personifying the voice in their head that spits out a story idea once in a while, and in fact, I just read one writer in particular who scoffs at the whole idea of having a muse in charge of the idea department.

    One thing you might try though is to let go of expectations … Muses seem to hate being asked for a bestseller. I know mine does! Start small; I think most muses whisper before they learn to shout. 🙂


    • Thanks Kirsten 🙂

      My request was very tongue in cheek…but…saying that don’t they say if you ask the Universe for something, The Law of Attraction, you’ll get it? Im just edging my bets lol 😉

      Thrilled for you that you have a “muse” and a tiny bit jealous 😉



  4. I used to think I had a muse, but I think I now no longer believe. (*claps three times just in case* Oh wait, is that to save fairies?)

    As for ideas…I have plenty. But, they’re not all brilliant and they don’t always grab me. Sometimes I have to figure out myself how to make them into ‘wow’ moments – and that’s all I get sometimes: moments of wow that, the next day, leave me questioning.

    I’ve read your writing, I’ve enjoyed the stories you’ve told. You don’t need a muse, Vikki. You ARE your muse!

    As for that one moment of inspirational brilliance – maybe it’s like love: if you’re looking for it, you won’t ever find it because it’s always lurking in that place you would never think to check. Hopefully, it’ll come, in time. Keep writing – there’s a part of me that think it’s already forming in those words you’re creating. 😉

    Take Care,
    Cat x


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