Meet The Newest Thompson

Some of you who have been following my blog for a while will remember that in May last year we lost our much loved Yorkie, Georgie. I still get tearful looking at that picture *breaks to compose herself*

Ok, where was I? Yes, we have been “dog less” for a year, having lost Bill, our Shih T Zu in 2010 and then Georgie in 2012. I said I would never get another dog. Why? Because the thought of going through that pain again (I’ve been through the loss of a pet pain 5 times now) was not something I thought i could cope with (although i do have my 2 cats still).

Why do we do it to ourselves? We know that at some stage they will die, or need us to make that painful decision for them 😦

But, the house feels so empty. I miss being greeted by a wagging tail when I come home from the shops. I may have only been gone an hour, but I’m sure most dogs think you’ve been gone a week! Lol. I miss the walks, I miss throwing a ball, I miss the love.

Soooo, after much family discussion (and my hints on here recently at exciting news – this is exciting news part 1 lol) we decided it was time to go back to being dog owners 🙂

I e mailed a couple of breeders who were advertising puppies. Most of them replied saying their puppies had all been sold, but one lady replied saying that although her new puppies were all sold she did have a 5month old boy who was looking for a home, and as I told her in my e mail that I’d previously owned a Shih T Zu and a Yorkie, she was confident that I knew what I was doing when it came to small dogs.

He was sold to a couple who said they only worked part time. Then, when they rang the breeder to complain that at 4 months he still wasn’t housetrained it transpired that the poor little thing was being left on his own from 8am to 6pm! The breeder was furious and told them to bring him back and she would give them their money back, which they did. Not a great start for the poor little fella.

He’s been in the breeders kennels for 4 weeks now. She doesn’t want to get attached to him, but he was with his sister. We went to meet him a couple of weeks ago and I’ve spent the last week dashing around buying doggy baby stuff and getting the house “puppy proof” lol.

So here he is…meet Albie 🙂



He’s such a happy little guy, we all fell in love with him and the breeder has given me strict instructions that if I don’t want him I’m to take him back because she doesn’t want him passed from pillar to post. I don’t think there’s any chance of that 🙂 The kids are already talking about getting him a friend 😉

I promise I won’t go all dog obsessed on you 😉