50 Things

I am now officially 2 days behind with reading Blogs, about 3 days behind with e mails and poor old Bel (I’m so sorry honey) is still waiting for her prize. The last 2 days have been a mare and the next couple of days don’t look much better! I will catch up, even if I have to do an all nighter!

And now I’ve got that off me chest, some of my keen eyed readers may have noticed a new page thats appeared above? No? Ok, well I’m shamelessly stealing Paula Actons idea 😉

I have a 101 list, of all the things I want to do in life, a bucket list, but I very rarely tick anything off lol. So perhaps if I try to do 50 before I hit 50, I may stand a better chance? After all, I’ve got 5 years 5 months lol.

That’s 10 a year right? Ooooo, errrr, I think I better get moving! 😉

Courtesy of Keerati/freedigitalphotos

Go have a peek at my 50 Before 50 list and let me know if there’s any there you’ve done…. Would love to hear about your experiences or whether you have your own “bucket list”