The Cast List…..Reviewed

Well, that’s it, I did it…..I achieved a whole month of characters for the A-Z Challenge! Pleased is an understatement lol 😉

It’s funny, so many people asked me if these characters were real. It didn’t even enter my head to base them on real people, consciously, and anyway, I don’t know 26 people lol. But reading them back, I can see little parts if myself in some of them, and a couple are probably too close for comfort for a couple of friends. I think the one who is most like me is Scarlet so she’s the one I have a soft spot for. She has my personality, and most of my physical attributes. I didn’t mean her to be me it was an accident lol

My favourite? Ooooo, I think it would have to be Queenie and the one I’d most like as a friend is Gloria as I’m sure she would be fun to be around.

If I was single (and if he was real of course), I would definitely go on a date with Harry as in my head I think he looks like a younger Hugh Grant *swoon* lol.

So now what? What to do with all these people crying out for my attention? Begging me to write their stories 🙂

I have a plan……I had already decided what I was going to do for Nano 2012, but now, I’m thinking that can wait until 2013, this project will be my novel this year 🙂 I am excited, but apprehensive, as I know how much work will be involved.

I’m going to try to connect all the characters stories into one story, a daisy chain so to speak 🙂 So in theory, 26 short stories of about 4,000 words each, which means I’ll have to do one a day *gulp* I’ve done 65,000 words in a month, so I know what a struggle this will be. I guess I’ll have to start thinking about my ending (remember Adele Parks? Lol) and how they can all be pulled together 😉

So thank you readers, for taking an interest, your comments have been brilliant, and definitely stirred up some ideas I can use….if it ever gets published you will all get a thank you in the back of the book, I promise 🙂


I can see some natural connections already….. Like Queenie & Fred or perhaps Harry & Scarlet (ah, see, I will get Hugh Grant! Lol)… Gloria the single mum who lives next door to Ella? And I think Ivy definitely gets her hair cut by Benjamin. Could they all be linked together via Zac in some way, or is that too naff? Or how about they all live in the same street? Turn it into a soap opera? Lol

So my question today dear reader, is, should I actually bother? lol 🙂

And if my husbands reading this, I’ll apologise in advance…..November 2012 will be a stressful month, I hope you have lots of chess matches booked *snigger* 🙂