The To Do List 17th to 23rd December

I didn’t have a bad week last week, even with the stresses of Christmas fast approaching lol

1. Finish Beta reading BN’s piece. Unfortunately, nope 😦 My reading has sunk to an all time low and I don’t know why.

2. Faber homework. Done!

3. Continue with Nigel Watts book. Still doing!

4. Edit and prepare The Last Word Cafe Synopsis for Thursdays event. Done!

5. Continue making notes on The Last Word Cafe and do a section in 3rd person. Still Doing. I spent a couple of hours last week working on a timeline lol.

6. Go through Faber notes re The Last Word Cafe. Done!

I’m going to be very easy on myself this week (especially as today is the last Faber session until after Christmas) in the run up to 2 weeks off! 🙂 Not 2 weeks off of writing but 2 weeks off from having a list of goals.

Look at that clear diary! 😉

1. Continue with Beta Reading BN’s piece.

2. Continue with Nigel Watts book.

That’s it! Lol….I will make some notes on The Last Word Cafe if the mood takes me, but I’m not gunna beat myself up. This week is gunna be busy enough as it is, getting prepped for Christmas!!!! I still have a couple of pressies to buy, and some last minute bits of food. The plan is to be totally done by Saturday so that we can shut ourselves away in the warm until the 27th. Wish me luck!

So what are your plans for the week?