I Write Like…..

Thanks to Gail at The Writer Is A Lonely Hunter I now know who I write like lol.

On my blog swap interviews I was asking my guests who they compared their writing to. Some of them knew straight away, others didn’t. And the reason I asked this question was because I’ve heard it said a few times that when submitting your manuscript to an agent/publisher it can help if you can mention who your work is similar to. This is so the agent/publishers can gauge your genre and style. Now, don’t quote me on the fact that you have to do that, it’s just something I’ve heard a few times.

Anyway, yes, back to the lovely Gail 🙂 Gail posted a link on her blog last week to a web site where you copy and paste a couple of paragraphs of your own work into a little window and the site tells you which author your work is similar to. Well, ok, I’m game, so I did……

First, I pasted in the Prologue from my WIP (But Not Forgotten) and it came back…..Gertrude Stein
Ok, I can live with that, not bad 🙂

Next, I tried pasting in a short story, Ashes, the one I did for CC’s blog a couple of weeks ago. It came back as….. Mario Puzo
Wow, really? I mean really? lol

So then I thought I’d try the first chapter of But Not Forgotten. The result…..William Gibson
Ummmm, who? *goes off to Wikipedia*
Wow, WOW! lol

Nah, come on, it’s rubbish isn’t it? I mean, do I really write like these guys? Looks like I’ll actually have to read some of their work to find out 😉

So give I Write Like a go, then, come back and tell me, as I’m dying to hear…. Who do you write like? Do you agree with the comparison?