I Write Like…..

Thanks to Gail at The Writer Is A Lonely Hunter I now know who I write like lol.

On my blog swap interviews I was asking my guests who they compared their writing to. Some of them knew straight away, others didn’t. And the reason I asked this question was because I’ve heard it said a few times that when submitting your manuscript to an agent/publisher it can help if you can mention who your work is similar to. This is so the agent/publishers can gauge your genre and style. Now, don’t quote me on the fact that you have to do that, it’s just something I’ve heard a few times.

Anyway, yes, back to the lovely Gail 🙂 Gail posted a link on her blog last week to a web site where you copy and paste a couple of paragraphs of your own work into a little window and the site tells you which author your work is similar to. Well, ok, I’m game, so I did……

First, I pasted in the Prologue from my WIP (But Not Forgotten) and it came back…..Gertrude Stein
Ok, I can live with that, not bad 🙂

Next, I tried pasting in a short story, Ashes, the one I did for CC’s blog a couple of weeks ago. It came back as….. Mario Puzo
Wow, really? I mean really? lol

So then I thought I’d try the first chapter of But Not Forgotten. The result…..William Gibson
Ummmm, who? *goes off to Wikipedia*
Wow, WOW! lol

Nah, come on, it’s rubbish isn’t it? I mean, do I really write like these guys? Looks like I’ll actually have to read some of their work to find out 😉

So give I Write Like a go, then, come back and tell me, as I’m dying to hear…. Who do you write like? Do you agree with the comparison?

27 thoughts on “I Write Like…..

  1. hmmm I tried a couple of different ones first the first part of my WIP i shared in teaser post appartantly that is like Neil Gaiman, okay fair enough I then posted the part i shared in my 100th post supposedly that makes me like James Joyce so next I tried two bits of flash fiction deuce came out as william gibson and my first flash firction the one with the bluebell pics came out as chuck palahnuik so am guessing that my writing has multiple personality issues


  2. Well, I remember doing this awhile ago, and my text analysis came back Stephenie Meyer. Hmm… at least I could get rich doing this. 😉
    So, I thought I’d give it another shot with my revised text, and this time I got Margaret Mitchell. Wow. Go me!
    Thanks for this little boost. It’s fun to dream. 🙂


  3. What fun! Thanks for posting this. I’m OCD so I tried six times: Cory Doctorow — had to wiki. Stephen King. Hmm. Cory Doctorow. OK. Stephanie Meyer. Ahem. Margaret Mitchell. Cory Doctorow. Off to read some Cory Doctorow I guess!


  4. I put in a section of a fairy tale I wrote a few months ago and it told me Edgar Allen Poe, which made me laugh. Then I put in a short story I wrote three days ago and it told me Anne Rice. I put in my most recent WIP and got back Margaret Mitchell. It was looking a bit morbid for a second.


  5. That’s one of my favorite websites. Whenever I’m feeling like a loser, I hop on and it always makes me feel better. 🙂

    I’ve been pegged as David Foster Wallace and Stephanie Meyer.


  6. What a great site, Vikki! I write like William Gibson and Cory Doctorow (??). I’ve heard of Gibson but not Doctorow…..And in response to Zoe Mountain – wow, Kurt Vonnegut!! That’s brilliant 🙂


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