How To Do Everything & Be Happy

I met Peter Jones at Swanwick last year and bought his book How To Do Everything & Be Happy whilst I was there. I have to say, he is a great advert for his own advice. The whole week at Swanwick, I swear, I did not see that guy frown. He had a smile, constantly fixed to his face. I remember thinking ‘I wanna be like that!’ so I bought the book (can highly recommend it by the way) 🙂

So here I am 6 months later, I’ve read it, made a few lists, not stuck to them, and my Boxing Days (a term used in the book) have fallen by the wayside…….

So I decided to drag my friend Jayne along to one of Peters Workshops yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! 🙂

I’ve set some goals and when we go back next month he’s gunna ask me if I’ve actually done anything about them lol.

Yesterday’s prompt was about lies….what can I say, I struggled 😦

Hubby’s got the day off work today, which is nice, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be reading that pocket novel lol


Book Shopping

Oh dear… did I manage to end up with 9 new books during the last 2 days? Lol

Yes, unfortunately I am a book addict…..and is that a bad thing?lol

The ones I’m most looking forward to reading are 26 by Jonathan Kemp and 253 by Geoff Ryman Both are very character driven and that’s what fascinates me about these 2 particular books.

Plan for today (if I can resist starting on one of the above) is to finish the work I’ve been doing in my notebook about the complexity of characters and use another picture prompt.

Thanks to Geoff Ryman for the following concept…….

Could you imagine if you had the ability to look at another person and know all about their life? Imagine your day. Standing on the station platform you look at a man he seems agitated, it’s his wife’s birthday today and he hasn’t got her a present, if he goes home tonight without one she’ll hit him……or the woman reading the newspaper. She doesn’t want to go in today because her boss is a bully, always shouting at her, it’s making her depressed.

On the train a couple sit holding hands, they look sweet together. Both wearing wedding rings they’re not actually married to each other. When you get to work the woman in accounts scowls at you as you walk past, she hates you, thinks you’re a fascist. Someone in your department told her that, someone you thought was a friend.

At lunch time you go to a pub…..a group of men come in, off duty police officers, they’re very loud and aggressive, they intimidate the barmaid. One of them sexually assaults her in the toilets.

On the way home the woman sitting opposite to you is smiling. Shes pregnant. She agreed with her husband that they wouldn’t have kids but for the past few weeks she’s been taking a pin to the condoms.

Can you imagine living like that? Scary lol

But as writers, isn’t that what we do on a regular basis?

There’s a story behind every single person we see, every single day…..and I love it!!!!!