How To Do Everything & Be Happy

I met Peter Jones at Swanwick last year and bought his book How To Do Everything & Be Happy whilst I was there. I have to say, he is a great advert for his own advice. The whole week at Swanwick, I swear, I did not see that guy frown. He had a smile, constantly fixed to his face. I remember thinking ‘I wanna be like that!’ so I bought the book (can highly recommend it by the way) 🙂

So here I am 6 months later, I’ve read it, made a few lists, not stuck to them, and my Boxing Days (a term used in the book) have fallen by the wayside…….

So I decided to drag my friend Jayne along to one of Peters Workshops yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! 🙂

I’ve set some goals and when we go back next month he’s gunna ask me if I’ve actually done anything about them lol.

Yesterday’s prompt was about lies….what can I say, I struggled 😦

Hubby’s got the day off work today, which is nice, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be reading that pocket novel lol


4 thoughts on “How To Do Everything & Be Happy

    • Manty Manty Manty – shame on you! What’s happened to your diary? That’s the only way to make sure you keep having Boxing days, Now List Days and Goal Days. And as for your wish lists and goals, the trick is to make sure you look at your goals everyday. Write them on a piece of paper and stick it next to the mirror on the visor of your car – or on the fridge – or somewhere else. Seems like you do need to read the book again, but if you wait a few weeks you’ll be able to download a new edition of the book. Subscribe to my website, or to my facebook page, and you’ll get told when and how you can get the 2nd Edition for FREE 🙂


  1. Dear Peter and Vikki
    Thank you for your reply and yes I do hang my head in shame in my lack of my organisational skills when it comes to sorting out my personal life. Peter I am a member of both your facebook and website pages, so wait with much anticipation for your second edition, which I can honestly say I will read from cover to cover and hope to mend my ways most quickly. Until then, I will try to update my diary, keep my goals and now lists updated and maybe even slip a Boxing Day in. However, I can confirm that my trophy board still takes pride of place on the wall of my kitchen and is growing, slowly, but it is growing and makes me smile as I enter each morning.


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