D is for…..

Dominic, who has been removed because I want to use him for my Nano 2012 novel.

Sorry you missed it 😦

Dom’s weekly supplies 😉

A-Z Challenge

Ok, so I’m thinking….. should he try to find his father? Would it change anything? Or should his girlfriend just give up and find someone who does want to settle own and have a family? Could finding his father lead to more problems?

Today’s prompt about the stranger turned into the start of a story about a sleepy little village where a young guy moves in….not sure where it’s gunna end up though. Today’s prompt is write about a summer fling after Kd Lang and I’ve already got an idea 🙂

20 thoughts on “D is for…..

  1. I don’t think he should try to find his dad. Some things are better left alone. It sounds like he’s moved on and has a great life for himself. I don’t think his girlfriend is the right one for him anymore and she should move on. When the time comes, the right girl will change things for him and he’ll discover he’s a great dad, unlike his own. Great characterization.


  2. Hmm…well, I’m thinking it would make for a really cool story if he did try to find his dad. Maybe he is some high profile guy or in the mob or something. 🙂 As for the gf, I don’t think they are meant to be. He isn’t ready to settle, it seems.

    Great job on describing him! I like this idea.


  3. I love kd lang, what an incredible voice. I think Dom’s dad should come looking for him, asking his forgiveness for his abandonment. Dom sounds little too controlling and this would just rock his world and give him something to grow towards.


  4. I love the characterisation of Dom. From what I have read of the characters, Dom needs to move on and find someone who appreciates him and is less embarrassed by his obsessions and interests.

    I think that someone who grows up with a parent missing or perhaps different parents has a need to find out where they came from. Of course not everyone does, but imagine if you only knew half about yourself? Look at your hands and feet. Are they they the same as your Mother’s? The characteristics we inherit express who we are and our line of descent.

    Some things we do are learn’t – Remember the film 7 Up – “Give me a child before he is 7 and I will give you the man” Made by the BBC it filmed a set of children 7,14,and 21 and so forth. Some things are inherited and we can see that, I recognise things that I do or expressions and I know family members do the same. But what if you do things and you don’t know why or who.


    • Hi Julie 🙂

      I know EXACTLY what you mean!!!!! I didn’t meet my own father until I was 26, but it was something I had been thinking about since I was 18. I’m so glad I did it. We’re not in touch now, but I don’t regret tracking him down 🙂

      I discovered I look like my mum but personality I’m more like my dad….my hubby said it was freaky seeing us both together lol



  5. If he had no or little fathering is he maybe a little too old/controling/ and dare I say it anal to be a father now – he has settled how he wants to be and babies very disrupting – find dad by all means – have the girl friend ditch him – if he isnt keen on a family he shouldnt have one – to many disfunctionak families already – kids are for life!!:) still make a good story – maybe he could find a girl friend who doesn’t give a ***** about having children and loves running marathons:) I thind KD is great

    thanks for dropping by


    • Thanks hon 🙂

      I don’t think any of us really know how to be a parent, and it is really scary, but, I agree with you, people shouldn’t have kids if they’re not 100% sure about it in the first place 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!



  6. Bit of OCD there on the healthy front!
    I think everyone probably feels the need to find their natural parent/s, whether that ends up good/bad is another story :o) xxx


  7. Hmmmm . . . the motivation for the decision to find his father is something to explore. Does he want to find him to have a father or to confront him? Is he prepared for disappointment if his father isn’t the person he wants him to be?

    Oh, this stirs up so many questions!


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