This Weeks Goals 28th to 3rd

Yesterday’s postcard from the Tate prompted a story for me about a guy who had been thrown out of his apartment, on to the street. All he has left in the world is the sofa and some black bags. The question is….why has he been thrown out? I’m kind of thinking along the lines that he’s divorced, and lives with his son. His son has got involved with some very dodgy characters, which has resulted in the fact that he’s taken all his dads money to pay the debts off….and now he’s disappeared……

I’m guest posting today, over at Creative Writing Studies for the lovely Anthony Haynes. Go and have a peek to read me talking about why I blog, and what I LOVE about it! 🙂

I’ve had a pretty productive week 🙂

Last weeks goals were:

1. Turn the prologue back into 3rd person (again lol).

2. Try to nail chapter one, so that I have something to read out at class on Wednesday night.

3. Finish sorting out the formatting/layout of the whole thing.

4. Have another read through and work on the ending. I think I’ve worked out where I want it to go, I’ve just got to write it now, which means changing stuff in other places. So yep, I’ve been avoiding that lol.

Oh dear, well ok, it wasn’t that productive. I don’t know why I’m avoiding it so much. No, yes, sorry, I do….because its hard work, because I’m confused and don’t know exactly what I want to happen, because I know it will mean changing other stuff that I’ve already written 😦

So this weeks goals are:

1. Finish sorting out the formatting/layout of the whole thing, and I mean REALLY finish lol.

2. Have another tinker with the Blurb.

3. Try to do something constructive towards the ending, even if it’s only 500 bloody words! Lol.

4. Get Chapter 2 sorted, polished up and in ship shape 😉

I’ve come to the conclusion that overwhelming myself with a to do list doesn’t achieve anything, so I’m trying to be a little easier on myself (ha ha ha).

so what are your writing plans for the week?

My current read, recommended by Jeff Goins


13 thoughts on “This Weeks Goals 28th to 3rd

  1. Nice job on your goals! 🙂

    This week, I am determined to sit down and write a scene I’ve been sketching out for days. I’m excited to do it as my characters have been super chatty – they must really want this section added to the story!


  2. Hi Vikki
    I think it’s great that you are publishing your weekly goals – it must make them seem more real. My writing goal this week is to re-edit my book and resend it to the publisher (I can totally relate to what you wrote about ‘changing stuff you’ve already written’ – that’s what’s been stopping me). I’m a third of the way through, and have a few days off so I think it’s achievable.
    Good luck with your goals this week


  3. I love goals. I have been very negligent with my goals however. Baseball/softball season has taken over my life and I feel lucky I can even steal 20 minutes to do some blog catch-up. Seeing you and your goals makes me itch to set a couple of my own!


  4. I’ve been rubbish at setting myself goals lately – might be why I’m not getting much done. Well done for at least trying with yours.
    Sometimes working out what needs to be done is half the battle, isn’t it?


  5. Well, I’m still working on last week’s goal, which was to put some of my chapters up for critique. I did get two of them posted, but now I need to invite some people in to critique them!
    It was so helpful to put this goal up here though. It kept it in my sights, and now I’m almost there. 🙂


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