You Know You’re A Writer When…..

The Romaniac’s posted a blog entry entitled You Know You’re A Writer When If you haven’t checked it out, do….it’s very amusing πŸ™‚ Then Roger Colby did a similar post, Because You Are A Writer

So go have a peek, then come back here and tell me You Know You’re A Writer When…..?

Mine would be….

You know you’re a writer when it used to be that you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without putting your make up on. Now, you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without a notebook and pen, sod the makeup!


You know you’re a writer when hubby informs you that he’s run out of clean underpants!

So how do you know you’re a writer?

63 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Writer When…..

  1. You know you’re a writer when . . .
    . . . you have more half-filled journals than full.
    . . . your desk is mess with books, writing magazines, 2 laptops, journals, “idea” scraps of paper, and way more pens than one person could need.
    . . . you wake up tripping over the journal you fell asleep writing in the night before.



  2. Mine would be:

    1. You know you’re a writer when you almost dare people to annoy you so you can write them into your books somehow and torture/maim/kill them.
    2. You ask a loved one to “act out an emotion” so you can better show and not tell it.
    3. You can no longer read a single thing without proofreading/editing it in your head.


  3. 1. when the dog knows the difference between regular “cuddles” and “writing cuddles.”
    2. when you have an idea that on second glance doesn’t seem that great but you’ll try it anyways.
    3. “Just one more scene, honey” turns into at least a whole chapter.
    4. the dog tries to kill your laptop by pushing it off the bed and has learned to close it. On your fingers. (This is making me reconsider having kids one day. hahaha)


  4. when I wish I had a ball and chain attached to my leg and desk. When I salivate over a new notebook and pens like it’s my birthday every time I go in a store. Oh there are so many and lots of great ones above πŸ™‚ So enjoyed The Romaniac’s post,still laughing,lol


  5. You know you’re a writer when hubby comes home with a bottle of champagne and a present and say’s β€œIt’s our anniversary’ and you shush him because your character is about to meet her long lost brother…


  6. I knew I was a writer right from when I first started creative writing classes. I didn’t know if I’d be much good or ever get published, but I knew I’d keep on writing. So, you know you’re a writer when you write!


  7. You know you’re a writer when you realise that you live inside your own head almost all of the time. Well, let’s not lie – all of the time! You also know you’re a writer when you talk to yourself in public and act out the emotions that go with the words. Yes, I’ve been caught doing that – most recently by a man in a van who was parked at the the side of the road and looked at me as if I was totally bonkers! You also know you’re a writer when you wake up with that feeling that you’ve been on holiday and then realise you’re just remembering the location you were describing yesterday!


  8. I knew it when I could look at a photo and see a whole story unfold before my eyes. I knew it when I could see a word or hear a phrase and write a whole page about it. I knew it when I saw a couple in an SUV arguing in my rear view mirror at a toll booth and I wrote a short story about them. I knew after realizing that I thrived on every written word that I had ever read. Whether it was a book, a letter, a card or an email from a dear friend. I knew it and I know it still. I hope and I pray that the words never stop coming. It is my passion, my life, my story. I never ever want it to stop.


  9. When you wake up and realize that you just dreamed the scene you were afraid to write and now, having seen it through the eyes of your main character, you write and write and write because you never want to forget what it feels like to be him.
    Lots of other stuff, but when that happened it felt like I had crossed some kind of mystical barrier to becoming the writer I hope to be.

    Great topic, and lots of cool answers!


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  12. Delayed response, I know (just catching up with your excellent and amusing posts). Really funny comments you’ve received here.
    I never leave the house without a notebook and pen, but quite often leave the house without make up! I also think, you know you are a writer when you are up at 3am jotting down ideas, and also catching up with other writer’s posts (as I am now!).


  13. When old women tackle you on your way to the notebook aisle.
    When your characters call you by name and steal your apple pie!
    If you look forward to back pain and neck punch to stay awake!


  14. when your significant other walks into the room and catches you posing as a swordfighter or you’re practicing writhing in agony on the floor.
    when your brain decides that writers have evolved beyond the need for sleep and refuses to go into standby.


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