Six Sentence Sunday 23rd September

Here are my six sentences 🙂

Douglas ran his fingers through his chestnut brown curls and sighed.

“But you promised Douglas.” Nancy whined.

“I know, I know, but what do you expect me to do love?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, I hate this place!”

Douglas winced as Nancy stormed from the kitchen, slamming the door and stomped up the stairs.

Awwwww, poor Douglas lol. Nancy is one of them trophy wives, and when she doesn’t get her way, Douglas ends up on the sofa lol. She wants one of those swanky new apartments down on the river, but Douglas is running out of dosh, and fast…..she’s bleeding him dry.

So what should Douglas do? Which in my reckoning probably isn’t what he will do 😉

23 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 23rd September

  1. Ah, the problems those trophy wives have! Douglas probably should try to reason with her, unfortunately her reasoning capabilities are not what got her into his bed …
    Have fun with this one! It sounds interesting.


  2. Get rid. Lol she’s one of those caring wife’s 😉 when it gets tough she doesn’t want to know. But then, maybe he knew what he was getting when they got married. Lol hope you expand this one 😀 x


    • Ahhhhh, very good point 🙂

      And this is why I’ve been told that my short stories have predictable endings *slump*

      I was thinking along the lines that he would have to do some pretty drastic things to get the money to please her….there I go again, being predictable lol 😉

      Thanks honey 🙂 I LOVE hearing different people’s takes on my snippets.



  3. What about Douglas gets into a shady deal and seems to sink deeper into the dark prompting the missus to check out her future options. Then, it turns out that Douglas was in with the wife of the beau – an equally smoking hot woman but with brains, dough and a husband who has cheated on her once too often? She gets rid of him, Douglas gets Nancy into prison – courtesy the wife of the other man since he lacks what is necessary to pull this off.

    Else, he can do it underhand. After all, if he is being a bad ass – why not throw a somewhat crappy but totally innocent person into prison?

    BTW, love the premise of the story.


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