T Is For…

Its T day on the A-Z Challenge so we really are nearer the end than we are the beginning, if you see what i mean 😉

The random word generator gave me the word Tidy for today. Tidy? Seriously? *adopts blank expression* Bloody nora…what the hell am i gunna do with that? lol


“I’m warning you Lucy, if that bedroom isn’t done by the time I get back you’ll be grounded for the rest of the week!”
“Oh Muuum.” Lucy whined as she stood at the top of the stairs and watched her mother close the front door. Monday night was Salsa night at the Adult Education centre in town. Lucy was convinced the only reason her mother had joined was because Aunt Zoe said the instructor was “hot”. But she didn’t begrudge her mother some fun. Her parents divorce had been hard on everyone, and besides, it meant she got the living room for the evening and could turn the volume up on MTV until the ceramic dog on the shelf above danced, which made her giggle.

She stood by her bedroom door, arms folded, pouting. At 13 she was often mistaken for much younger, something that irritated her and made her frown so hard that her eyebrows met. Gran said if the wind changed she’d stay like that. The floor was covered in clothes and books. It had been so long since she’d seen the carpet she couldn’t even remember what colour it was. What she needed was Mary Poppins or a spell like Mickey Mouse had. But this was Chatham and the only way this was going to get done was if she did it herself.

She tiptoed her way across the room and jumped on the bed overwhelmed with the enormity of the task. She hung over the side of the bed and peered under. Amidst the shoes, tennis racquets and skipping ropes was a box.
“What’s that?”
She didn’t recognise the box, it seemed to be covered in old Christmas wrapping paper. Was this a Christmas present she’d forgotten about? Excitedly she slid forward onto the floor and crawled under the bed. As her fingers touched the red shiny paper the box moved. Lucy jumped and bumped her head on the bed frame.
Wincing she screwed up her eyes, but when she opened them the box had gone.

Master isolated images @ FreeDigitalPhotos

I’m sorry, I’m not going to finish this one here I’m afraid, it’s a much bigger story than I anticipated lol. I just started with the image of a girl who needed to tidy her bedroom…it kind of ran away a bit lol. I could of just had her whacking her mother with a hammer, but i didn’t think you’d all appreciate that 😉 I’m thinking YA, some sort of fantasy type story along the lines of Narnia. Not too sure what is in the box. A fluffy Alien creature? The gateway to another world perhaps? I’ve never tried writing YA, perhaps I should 😉

See you tomorrow!

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