U Is For…

Today is the letter U on the A-Z Challenge 🙂 We’re nearly there folks lol

I think what I’m finding so difficult about this challenge is not to come up with stories that could be novels lol. I can’t post a 5,000 word story here, so I’m trying to make things short. Something you can read in a couple of minutes. Im not usually a Flash Fiction writer, and I’m not sure i want to be. Take todays random word…



Immediately i came up with a story i liked, twin sisters. One gets a bee in her bonnet that the other one is being treated better and decides to get her own back. I could get 60,000 words out of that easily lol. But condensing that into a blog post? In my head its a much longer piece.

Ok…idea number two lol


Ruth opened one eye and peered over the top of the scratchy blanket. The large video screen that made up one whole wall of her pod had turned into a sunny meadow scene. These random scenes were supposed to be calming, uplifting. But the only emotion Ruth felt was anger. Anger that she would never be able to run through long grass and smell sweet flowers as her mother and grandmother had done before her.

The Authority said that fields were no longer required. Technological progress had made them obsolete and the need for accommodation for Workers was far greater than sentiment. Besides, they had enough video images to last for centuries. Food was no longer produced outdoors, everything was now created in laboratories, like the one she worked in.

Sura Nuaipradid @ FreeDigitalPhotos

Ruth showered and dressed in the grey bodysuit that was hanging on the hook behind the entrance door to her Pod. Apart from 2 sets of underwear and a khaki parka coat it was the only clothing they were allowed.  She could just about remember wearing a red dress as a child. That was before the war, before London became the only city in England. Ruth often wondered what happened to the people in other Cities. Did they all die? Starve to death? She was one of the lucky ones, or so the Authority said, but Ruth wondered who really were the lucky ones?


Oh dear, well that didn’t go to plan…i think this one has turned into a novel as well lol…along the lines of 1984 *sniggers* 😉 Remind me, if i do this next year, NOT to do something that can’t be planned lol. But i am loving the fact that its giving me the opportunity to experiment. Dystopia? Hmmmmm…

Roll on tomorrow lol

10 thoughts on “U Is For…

  1. Lately I’m no good at coming up with ideas of the ‘right’ length, either. I used to write lots of 1,000 word or less stories. Now I’m happy if I stay under 2,500. Must get a grip.


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