W Is For…

Ok, what the hell am i doing up at 4.30 on a Saturday morning?

  1. Recovering from date night last night (i have a major hangover and needed a cup of tea).
  2. Trying to do my prompt with The Hubster hovering, bless him, really puts me off so I’m getting it done before he gets up.

An afternoon nap will definitely be needed later lol.

So today is W day on the A-Z Challenge! Wow….we’re so close to the finish line i can see it 😉 I have visited every single (WR) blog on the list of participants, so now i’ll work my way through the list picking out ones that sound interesting, and of course, visiting bloggers who have visited me 🙂
Todays random word is…wait for it…Whip! LMAO 😉 Perhaps I’ve now got to list View under (AC) *sniggers*

The searing pain of the whip against my rump makes me run faster. My chest is pounding, every muscle in my body screaming for me to stop. But i can’t, if i do, i will get beaten.

Across fields and dales we travel, his heels digging into my sides in an attempt to make me go faster, or is he just clinging on for dear life? I hear the crack of leather on skin. I feel no pain now, the area is numb. My nostrils flare as my lungs try to expand and i bite down on the piece of metal between my teeth.

“Yar!” He shouts as we cross a stream. My feet stumbling on hidden rocks and stones. I worry that if i fall he’ll just leave me for dead. Faster, faster, i can no longer feel the February frost as it nips playfully at my ankles. I don’t know where we’re going. I have a vague recollection of where we are, but the landscape has changed.

CNaene @ FreeDigitalPhotos

We come to a dirt track and in the field opposite i see two of my own, running freely, their eyes pity me as i pass. So i stop dead. I takes all my strength, every ounce i have left. I bow my head as he shoots straight off and into a tree. I hear the crack of his head as it hits the solid trunk.


Poetic justice at its best i’d say 😉 Id like to see our narrator run off into the sunset with the others, but, theres a flaw in my plan….who takes off his harness? lol…. Oh well, ignore the technicalities lol

See you Monday!

14 thoughts on “W Is For…

  1. don’t ignore the details 🙂 maybe it snaps as the rider falls off… I loved reading from the horses perspective – I hated that rider from the first crack of the whip so justice indeed. That’s a huge effort to get through all the (WR) blogs in the #atozchallenge *bows head in admiration*
    Reflex Reactions


  2. I’m up at 5:30 every morning, but 4:30…wow, and speaking of wow. You’ve visited every blog on the participants list. That is incredible. Well done. As for your story, I’m not a horse fan, and I feel my prejudice is now validated.


  3. 4.30! That’s dedicated. I hope you got your afternoon nap. I liked the story. Very satisfying. And well done for nearly reaching the end.


  4. I’ll bet one or two of his horsey friends could manage that saddle and harness eventually. 😉

    W is also for “whew” as in “whew! I thought I was an early riser in search of the quiet, solitary morning hours.”…but not quite that early.


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